Social Media Strategies and Tactics for Emerson Lanes

Objective #1: Get up to 3,000 likes on Facebook in 6 months

Strategy #1: Encourage customers to like Emerson Lanes on Facebook

  • Tactic #1: Create business card with a link to Facebook Page
  • Tactic #2: Ask customers to like Facebook page over the radio in the alley
  • Tactic #3: Enable customers to send messages inquiring information about the business on Facebook
  • Tactic #4: Post original and interesting content that makes the business stand out

Objective #2: Create hashtag on Twitter to get people talking about the business

Strategy #1: Create a hashtag that serves as a conversation starter

  • Tactic #1: #whyIbowl #EmersonLanes, #BowlingFun
  • Tactic #2: Tweet questions. Why do you love bowling? What is the best thing about bowling? Why is bowling fun?
  • Tactic #3: Tweet back to all followers using one of the hashtags
  • Tactic #4: Retweet followers who tweet about bowling or use any of the hashtags

Objective #3: Create an Instagram

Strategy #1 Create an Instagram account for Emerson Lanes to gain more followers

  • Tactic #1: Post photos of different events/nights of the week. Cosmic bowling, Leagues, Birthday parties, etc.
  • Tactic #2: Post photos of food items from the snack bar
  • Tactic #3: Post any historical photos and offer historical background
  • Tactic #4: Post photos of bowling balls following a color theme

Buzz Building for Emerson Lanes

Buzz building is a quick and extremely effective way to attract business. If you build successful buzz, the time and the money you put into it is definitely worth it. There are a few ways Emerson Lanes could use buzz building to attract more customers.

  1. Rewards Program

Creating a rewards program where bowlers could earn points per games, shoes, or snacks they buy, would be a sure way to bring in loyal, happy customers. I feel that a rewards program similar to Speedway’s speedy card would be most effective. After earning so many points on their rewards card, the customer would be able to bowl a free game, or get something free from the snack bar. Rewards programs make people feel like they are receiving something for their patronage.

2. “Bowler of the month”

With the customer’s permission, Emerson Lanes could post either on Facebook or Twitter, a “bowler of the month” status, where they would recognize a customer once a month, This would feature a picture of the chosen customer and their bowling score.

3. Gift card drawings

Every Friday or Saturday night, someone could pick out a lane number at random and announce the winner. The customers on that lane would receive an Emerson Lanes gift card, or free bowling coupon.

Emerson Lanes Video


  1. Camera man walking with camera showing the doors opening and   walking in.
  2. Flashes to images of the lanes, bowling ball selection, and the counter to pay for games and shoes. List game prices and shoe prices on screen.
  3. Next, camera shows the snack bar. Pizza and/or snack price listed on the side.
  4. Camera goes back to bowlers, capturing someone getting a strike and celebrating.


  1. No one actually speaks- “Jump” by Van Halen plays throughout the entire commercial.

My target audience for Emerson Lanes is middle class, MOV area residents, who are aged 18-24. My target audience are most likely to be spectators, conversationalists, and joiners. I’ve noticed that some of the generation I am targeting tend to be very opinionated on social media, especially twitter. However, there are a lot of 18-24 year olds who are not conversationalists. But, they still keep up with organizations and businesses by viewing Facebook/Twitter pages and reading what others have to say. My target audience is the most technologically involved generation, so it can be assumed that blogging, tweeting, and posting pictures on Instagram will get their attention.

A good idea for Emerson Lanes would be tweeting questions and conversation starters- asking people’s opinions and taking their input into consideration by letting them openly state their opinions. This would impress the conversationalists and allow them express their opinions, and hopefully it get the joiners talking as well. It’s easier to get people involved when you open the door for them. Live tweeting would be an awesome approach as well. 18-24 year olds are skilled live tweeters and enjoy doing it. It would be interesting to see what they had to say about the business.

Creating some type of blog or a youtube channel for the spectators would be beneficial for advertising and customer reviews.

98% of 18-24 year olds actively use social media. Active social media use (daily) is crucial for any business trying to attract the younger audience. In fact, chances are if you are creating a new business and are trying to promote it without some form of social media, 18-24 year olds are unlikely to hear of it at all.

My target audience interacts mostly on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. A lot of them are still on Facebook, but do not contribute much to the site.

Social Media Plan- Emerson Bowling Lanes

Emerson Bowling Lanes of Parkersburg, is the largest bowling center in West Virginia. This business has been a great entertainment spot for years. I remember spending so many of my weekends and summers off from school bowling with my friends and family. A lot of my classmates when I was in elementary school had their birthday parties at Emerson. It’s been known and loved in this area for as long as I can remember. Various age groups participate in bowling depending on the day of the week and the event. Open bowling on afternoon weekends attract a lot of families with young children, while cosmic bowling on Friday and Saturday nights tend to bring in a younger crowd. They also have bowling leagues that are typically a group of older people.

It’s clear that Emerson Lanes does not have a specific social media plan. They are very limited in social media use, being as they are really only active on Facebook. It seems that they really only post what and when they want. Although Emerson Lanes is already well known and liked in the area, I think a good social media plan could attract more customers and really bump up their business.

Currently, Emerson Lanes’ most active social media platform is Facebook. ( They usually post every few days or at least each week. It seems they post at different times during the day, advertising different events, or just encouraging people to go bowling on a rainy day. The most recent event they advertised on Facebook was Women bowling with Wine. This event lasted for about a month and a half, starting October 20th and ending on December 8th. They listed the starting time, 7 p.m., and the rules: Three women per team, and two bottles of wine per night of bowling. Some other events Facebook was used to advertise were Kids league, Fall league, cosmic bowling, and the School’s out special, which gives two free games a day until August 31st. Emerson Lanes uses their page to post their hours on holidays and closings due to bad weather conditions. Emerson Lanes has 2,333 likes and 4.3 of 5 stars on Facebook.

emersonlanes emersonlanes2

Emerson Lanes does have a Twitter page ( but uses it very inactively. Their first tweet was in May of 2013, asking for retweets and followers, and tweeting the starting time for cosmic bowling. They never attracted many followers, and seemed to gradually drop off of Twitter. Their last tweet was in March of 2014. They have 27 tweets total, follow 16 people, have only 8 followers.


Emerson lanes has its own website ( which is very simple and easy to use. The site has information on times, events, and and services. This includes, open bowling, leagues, cosmic bowling, youth bowling, The Pub located inside of the bowling alley, tournaments the Pro shop, birthday parties, corporate parties, the snack bar, and information about remodeling. The site also lists contact information and the name of the businesses’ general manager. They also have listed a “contact us” link where you can leave your name, address, and phone number to request information about the business. The site has a list of prices for shoes, time and game rates. Their are pre-planned birthday party options on the site as well.


Social Media Objectives:

  1. Get up to 3,000 likes on Facebook in 6 months
  2. Create hashtag on twitter and get people talking about the business
  3. Create an Instagram

Tweets and Headlines

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Kanye West Tweet:

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Hacker Ethics

Hacker ethics are generally based on the particular hacker’s moral values. Hackers take it upon themselves to track confidential information on the internet and expose it. Hackers personally decide what and who to expose to the public based on their own judgement. Hackers like those in the group, Anonymous, believe that the public has the right to know everything about what the government may be up to. They make it their business to track and leak top secret files, accounts, and emails to the general public.

I believe that if hacking is conducted in an ethical manor, it is a good thing. I think that we have a right to know what secrets our “trusted government” are potentially keeping from us. However, I don’t think hacking into someone’s personal life, such as their social media accounts, emails, etc, can be justified the same way. Hacking someone personally generally does people as a whole no good, and there is usually a motive behind it. I support hacking if it is done for the right reasons, but not if it is being done to be malicious, or for the hacker’s own personal gain.

It’s hard for me to give a definition of what privacy is on the internet because I do not believe it exists. Anything you put online no longer becomes private. There is always someone out there somewhere who is able to access basically anything online. There are people who center their whole lives around learning how to hack into the most secured information on the internet. You should never fully trust any site with your personal information.